First day in Tahiti

Welcome to the Tahiti, Ia ora na e Maeva.

On this episode, we are sharing with you our advices for your first moments after landing in Tahiti… how to get around? what to do for this first day? How to manage jetlag? So many little tips that will allow you to live, as soon as you get in Tahiti, an unforgettable experience.

We share with you our experience ….

When we travel we’re all asking the same questions … is transportation easily accessible? what to do on the first day of our arrival? where to eat? We all want to make the most of the first few hours of our stay. And we all dream of being able to benefit from the advice of connoisseurs or locals. Our ambition is to share these precious tips with you through the podcast, and for this first episode, let’s start with the very first moment …

Just landing in Paradise

First of all, rest assured, from the airport you will find taxis, rental cars or shuttles to your hotels. You should therefore easily be able to find transportation to your place of residence. You should also know that at the airport you will find the Tahiti Tourism reception desk, which will allow you to find all the information you need to get around .

If you arrive in the evening and want to have a diner, we recommend that you take a trip to the Papeete food truck, they are open late, and this will allow you a quick immersion in the Tahitian lifestyle. If you arrive in the morning, especially on sundays, you can go to the Papeete market where you will find pastries but also local products.

How to manage jetlag

To manage jetlag and immerse yourself in Polynesian life, there is nothing such as going to the beach. On the east coast, you can go to the Pointe Venus beach, a historic and landscaped site, which has the advantage of having a restaurant on site, but also an artisanal fare where you will find souvenirs and local products. You will thus discover the majestic bay of Matavai where Captain Cook docked for the observation of Venus. A beach that has the distinction of having … black sand, like most beaches on the island.

Where are the beaches?

On the west coast of Tahiti you can discover Vaiava beach, a public white sand beach. Sheltered and very frequented by Polynesians, especially on weekends. Whatever your choice, remember to bring sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun … if you can find fresh coconuts, do not hesitate to quench your thirst … street vendors offer them along the streets. roads of the island, as well as local fruits according to the seasons.

Finally, we recommend that you visit Tahiti Tourisme website to find other practical information, and especially to subscribe to our podcast so that you won’t miss any tips.

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