First day in Tahiti

First day in Tahiti

Welcome to Tahiti, Ia ora na e Maeva.

On this episode, we are sharing with you our advices for your first moments after landing in Tahiti… how to get around? what to do for this first day? How to manage jetlag? So many little tips that will allow you to live, as soon as you get in Tahiti, an unforgettable experience.

We share with you our experience ….

When we travel we’re all asking the same questions … is transportation easily accessible? what to do on the first day of our arrival? where to eat? We all want to make the most of the first few hours of our stay. And we all dream of being able to benefit from the advice of connoisseurs or locals. Our ambition is to share these precious tips with you through the podcast, and for this first episode, we are telling you all you need to know for this first moment.

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